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DS106 Assignments

Thinking About Thoughts


With our link too DS106 it has given us access to their dedicated page of assignments creativities we can try to complete under different subjects ie. photographs, gifs, writing assignments and so on. I choose the assignment and begin accomplishing it to my liking. This is where they will be located.

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Out of Place?

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Secrete Social Status

The Untimely Demise

As the wind hugs his body and the gravity pulling him poorly resembles the hug he always wanted everything floods back. The first time he realized it was a lie, his first encounter with the girl of his dreams and all the emotions he felt. He finally accept his story wasn’t to be happy or even finished. His was to be the motivation that his comrades and family use to finish the job. It seems dreadful; being the tool of success but the more he considers it in the few seconds he has before impact a sense of fulfillment decides to let him not feel alone.

The Bird who Shouldn’t Fly

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw it soaring across the sky. In all my years at see I had recorded with the East India trading company I thought I had seen it all, from pirates and marauders to rouge deserters. But in all my years a pirate flying our ship to his completely sober and doing so by the most outrageous act of physics that I’m sure he couldn’t even comprehend the math behind. He hoisted a rope over the mast tied to a cannon, pushed the cannon overboard, held the rope to fling himself to his own ship. Then declared his sobriety and laughed with his own crew- mates and departed. I’m constantly reminded of his name “Captain Jack Sparrow”

Amounting to Me2

I have a dilemma I struggle with. Wether I would l like to amount to everything ie. a conquerer of the final frontier or a celebrity in A list movies. Or would I rather survive living like the the majority of people, on the down low. I truly believe I am capable of both with proper dedication. My true fear is never knowing or pursuing something my heart and sole are dedicated too. I’m afraid of living wishing I was doing something I’m not. If it’s something I enjoy I don’t care if I’m rich or famous. I would simply like something that I can dedicate myself too.

*For this 2 star assignment and third project this week I wrote about my fears*

Redundancy Repeated

Double Up

For this four star assignment the challenger proposed we attempt to combine two different images into one. Given my previous editing experience this one was a walk in the park.


This Assignment tasted us with creating an old time movie poster from a new gen movie. I chose The Boogey man himself purely because it was on TV

Vengeful VANS

This five star assignment challenged me with combining two rivalry brand logos to make an… abomination I guess. Either way, I love it

Eerily Ear

This assignment asked us to create a creepy sound. Being the fan of horror that I am I saw a very weird sounding chance. This was quite the challenge teaching myself garage band and audio mixing…View More

The Abominable Ad

For this assignment I was assigned to make a cheesy ad like in the commercials read more…