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This website is dedicated to displaying the projects built by me though my digital literacy class at K-state. My class and I are working with DS106, a content community bringing together many high and low end creators within the online world.  

Digital Literacy and Creation

Discover ME

Like my piers you can find me on almost all social media platforms

My name is Hayden Nutsch I’m a 17 year old senior at Wamego High School with an interest in digital marketing and creation. I have a hobby in motorcycles and baseball, and one of my personal features is the inability to think with music

Bank of the Brain

You can find these projects and more here in the “Bank of the Brain”

The Tropical Sunset

This was a review and evaluation of a bob ross episode


This is one of my attempts for a photography project

Spread the Word

This was an article I wrote evaluating a book written on media and technology


This is a hub for all my DS106 creative ideas

Out of Place?

World Wide Web 2

Redundancy Repeated

The Trailer

Below is a quick preview of some things within this website

Above are my impersonations of if Steven Hawking had a social media habit. The assignment was to use “fake media” generators to create Facebook and Twitter accounts for a person.

The untimely Demise

*This is a writing assignment about a swift and unexpected passing of the protagonist of choice, 2 stars*

As the wind hugs his body and the gravity pulling him poorly resembles the hug he always wanted everything floods back. The first time he realized it was a lie, his first encounter with the girl of his dreams and all the emotions he felt. He finally accept his story wasn't to be happy or even finished. His was to be the motivation that his comrades and family use to finish the job. It seems dreadful; being the tool of success but the more he considers it in the few seconds he has before impact a sense of fulfillment decides to let him not feel alone. 
Amounting to Me

*For this 2 star assignment and third project this week I wrote about my fears*

Daily Creativity Bank

I have a dilemma I struggle with. Wether I would l like to amount to everything ie. a conquerer of the final frontier or a celebrity in A list movies. Or would I rather survive living like the the majority of people, on the down low. I truly believe I am capable of both with proper dedication. My true fear is never knowing or pursuing something my heart and sole are dedicated too. I'm afraid of living wishing I was doing something I'm not. If it's something I enjoy I don't care if I'm rich or famous. I would simply like something that I can dedicate myself too. 
Redundancy Repeated

For this assignment we were tasked with using photo editing software to show yourself repeatedly in the same scene and lighting. I haven’t laughed at my own creation this hard in a while.

Thinking about Thoughts

Spread the Word
Austin Kleon wrote 10 ways to share your creativity and steal like a thief to share his view on how to be a better website/ content creator as well as how to provide higher quality content. He gave 10 ways to get your voice out and each have their own individual benefits that you can see for yourself here. However, I'd like to share my view on just one in particular. "Think process not product" his way of saying we are not perfect and that should be known. No body is magically levitating above the rest and we shouldn't pretend we are perfect. My personal world of high school is aggressively overrun with the idea that we all need to have the most likes, the most followers, the best style, or the funniest jokes. Simply put we need to show more humility and that is exactly what Kleon is saying. Show your learning process and be excited you're not doing something perfectly because it means you have an adventure ahead so share it. 

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